uni life

The First Connection

‘Do you remember the first person you met at UOW?’ Long pauses often followed this question; whilst other responses were instantaneous as the memory lit up behind the interviewee’s eyes. A number of lasting friends and lost acquaintances were mentioned, although some interviewees couldn’t even remember who this person was. One individual was so focused on his studies that he was yet to really connect with anyone at uni. But no matter what, each answer captured a glimpse of the person’s life at uni, and the connections that they have made through it.


Beyond the Campus

Beyond the Campus

Stefan Rushbourne designed his phone case. The idea came to him through his friend’s company, Huddle and Co., which manufactures and sells wooden and recycled furniture. Thinking ‘wooden iPhones would be sick’ Stefan and his friend collaborated, ordering a bunch of cases with their laser-cut designs. The two met randomly last New Years at Byron Bay, where they discovered that they lived only five minutes away from each other. They are planning on moving in together this year. Stefan proves that there is more to uni life than the on-campus experience; it’s also a time where students become independent individuals.

If you want to check out Huddle and Co. simply click on the photo above.

Chapter One

Ellena Gewargis just started her first year at UOW to study journalism and creative writing. Right in her element, this avid writer dreams of one day becoming an author. Without forgoing this passion, Ellena also looked at her future in the long term, and decided to pick up journalism. She has no regrets; the course has in fact opened her up to opportunities of linking creative writing to journalism; the heart of both practices pumped by the desire to tell stories. And here at UOW Ellena is creating her own story, as she makes new friends and experiences uni life to the full.