A Smooth Path

Amy’s relationship to place is unique but not unheard of. Due to a trauma at birth, Amy was born with cerebral palsy, a neurological condition that affects her ability to control her muscles, namely those in her legs. From a young age, Amy has used a wheelchair as her main mode of day-to-day transportation. She is currently studying out of home at UOW, soon to major in politics. Although her lifestyle is an independent one, there are still difficulties in relating the Wollongong through a wheelchair. Amy enlightens us on those daily challenges that many wouldn’t consider otherwise.


Reflections on the Task

Two of the main reasons that I chose to interview my friend was because of her unique relation to place and interesting character. Being a good friend of mine, I know my subject as a funny, down-to-earth and entertaining character. If anyone were to follow them on snapchat you would know that they always have a story to tell. The second reason as to why I chose them link directly back to the theme of piece, as my subject has cerebral palsy, thus having to relate to space through their wheelchair. Not only did I see the important issues that could surface from this interview, but also the potential for an interesting soundscape.

The natural tone and rhythm of my subject’s voice inclines me to forgo having any musical tracks, and rather take a minimalistic approach to sound effects that will familiarise audiences with their story. For the vast majority of listeners are likely to not require the use of a wheelchair, this point is especially important. Something as small as the sound of a wheel going over a bump adds character to my subject’s mode of transportation. Furthermore, this will emphasise the issue of poor infrastructure that is evident in Wollongong.

Music in the Dark

.In this piece, I aimed to capture my talent, Jake Parker, and his love for music. Often times he is found practical his saxophone in the dark sanctuary of his room. Due to the given musical affiliation of this space, the challenge of portraying ti through sound did not present itself. However, showing darkness in sound is hard to achieve and in hindsight I would have include a light switch noise in the beginning. Nevertheless, here is my first go at using Hindenburg: