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Hit and Hope

Hit and Hope

In his class breaks, Aden enjoys playing pool at the Unibar, where he is surrounded by friends and good music. ‘Hit and hope, just hit and hope.’ Aden shared his secret to the game in-between his turns. ‘But I definitely get better the more drunk I am,’ he added. Regardless of his sober state, he sunk one ball after the other, dreadlocks flying from the momentum behind his big shots. Aden won’t take excuses for not hitting any balls, never holding back from teasingly threatening other players of having to do a ‘nuddy run’ around the bar if they were to do so.


Ducking Out for a Uni Break

Ducking Out for a Uni Break

The expectation ducks place on UOW students can seem ‘unrealistic’, yet on occasion is met. For Aaron exceeded the hopes of the web-footed bird that he coined the ‘Grandfather Duck’. The two can often be found under a large tree, where Grandfather Duck is hand-fed breadcrumbs by his human companion. As this ritual evolved, Grandfather Duck eventually earned Aaron’s apples, returning the gesture with a sizeable pile of mushed fruit on the ground. Aaron has learnt much about the UOW duck community in his experiences. ‘The brown one over there…[by the pond]’ he pointed out, ‘is a complete d*ck’.