Photo Portraits

Anything but Camera Shy

Anything but Camera Shy

Unperturbed by my presence, Annie Hazelton was at total ease with her video camera. It was like she was talking to another person in the room. In reality, this fellow journalist student was meeting the eye of the lens, confiding in it completely. Annie covered anything from quotes involving bananas to raw truths about her past struggles. ‘For me personally, in high school I never really felt wanted by my friends.’ she told her future-YouTube viewers. ‘I think what screwed me up the most was this picture in my head of how things should have been…[when] that didn’t happen for me…I was devastated.’

If you want to check out the video that Annie was filming during the shoot, simply click on the photo above.


Beyond the Campus

Beyond the Campus

Stefan Rushbourne designed his phone case. The idea came to him through his friend’s company, Huddle and Co., which manufactures and sells wooden and recycled furniture. Thinking ‘wooden iPhones would be sick’ Stefan and his friend collaborated, ordering a bunch of cases with their laser-cut designs. The two met randomly last New Years at Byron Bay, where they discovered that they lived only five minutes away from each other. They are planning on moving in together this year. Stefan proves that there is more to uni life than the on-campus experience; it’s also a time where students become independent individuals.

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The Right Track

The Right Track

‘I couldn’t work in an office, it wasn’t the right job for me.’ Euan Malcom reflected. He left his job at an accounting firm to travel though Asia, not knowing that the day before his flight home would change his life. ‘Today was special,’ he recalled, ‘it was the elections day in Bangkok. I went to the protest and spent all day taking photos, writing journals and talking to the local people…I just feel in love with what I was doing; that’s why I decided I was on the right track.’ Thus Euan decided to pursue his passion for journalism.

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