Connection can mean a lot of different things, and to a lot of different people. It could represent the bonds between old friends, or those fleeting moments shared between strangers. It can be taken as a list of every person you have met, or how technology allows us to reach people we will never know. At times it appears in the way one looks at an object or plays with an animal. It could be the affinity we feel with certain places. In some circumstances it defines how ideas and practices overlap. In others it becomes an action, where we form associations with things that were once separate. Or it can be a process in which certain life-choices trigger others. We can also find connections within ourselves: to our dreams, our passions, and our very own identity.

Such connections thrive at UOW; this unique learning center hums with the diversity created by its vast student body. By glimpsing at the varying lifestyles of UOW students, this blog scratches the surface of the many ways connections are made through uni life. It only makes sense to explore this phenomenon through the modern journalistic qualities found in a blog. After all, connections are central to journalism, as the practice accelerates in linking people and events from across the globe.