Month: October 2015

What’s Hidden JRNL102

This audio slideshow delves into the life and passions of Anne Ridgway. Anne is a practising sound therapist in the lower Blue Mountains, her focus being on improving the health and well-being of her clients though her use of sound tools. Sound therapy concentrates on the power of reverberations upon the body, to detect physical and emotional imbalances within others. As the treatment is unseen by the naked eye, many remain skeptical of this alternative medicine and the chakra system it is founded upon. Alison Babbage, however, gave a convinced testimonial to Anne’s practice and how it had improved her quality of life.

This project tested me in numerous ways, in particular is Alison’s interview not going to plan, realising soon after than my phone’s microphone had broken. Although a stressful process, having probably need a sound session for myself, I was pushed to find the next best alternative and as a result learnt more about the various elements involved in using imovie.

However, the most important things I learnt was from the open minded attitude of Anne. She was by no means preaching sound therapy as superseding conventional medicines. She acknowledged that there are health issues where medication is more suitable than her treatments, however proposing that sound therapy’s lack of credibility to the western eye lies in the energy’s inability to be medically tested. Her reasoning shed light on the controversial issue, and our heavy reliance on visibility to believe in the power of something.

Having attended a session with Anne, there was an unmistakable power in the sounds she played to my body, and a change in the quality of sound as the tools revealed hidden blockages, both physical and emotional. Alison related to this experience, as it had brought her to very deep states of meditation in the past. These moments of bliss revealed habitual thoughts, emotions and tensions in myself that would have otherwise gone unnoticed in the busy-ness of life. Anne’s sound therapy enacted as a healthy reminder to stop every now and then and listen to what is hidden within yourself. By watching the video below you will get a taste of what Anne’s practice is all about:

And here are the storified tweets that documented the process: