Creature of the Night Review

My favourite story from the previous cohort of JRNL102 was ‘Creature of the Night’, proving to be strong and effective despite the word count on the talent’s part. This drives home the point that sometimes less is more. The story had a strong narrative arch, where listeners were intrigued to find out what kind of night shift the talent took. The use of ambient, rain-like noise makes this even more mysterious. I was satisfied at the end when finding out that he worked for McDonald’s, immediately challenging the unfamiliar night shift that I had in mind. On re-listening I gained something new in learning the effective ‘rain noise’ was that of food being fried.

The rhythm in sound, the lonely harmonica and dialogue worked in harmony to create the character of an isolated night-shift worker. This is achieved, funnily enough, by somewhat isolating each sound element from each other. Of course these elements are layout but they simultaneously feel spaced apart. In particular to harmonica sounds is often affiliated with a sense of a ghost-town and loneliness, emphasising this element of the talent whist adding a gripping mystery.

You can listen to it here:


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