Four Voices

Four Voices

We all know what journalism is, but what it means on a personal level varies amongst the first-years in this course. For Emma Gilly, journalism has held her interest over the last few years, ever since she listened to an inspiring speech given by Win News present Melissa Jaros. ‘All I can remember is that how she was so confident as a journalist’ Emma recalled. ‘Just to have a professional right in front of [me]…inspired me to become like her.’ Though journalism, Emma wants to follow her passion for NRL. ‘I love the game, the atmosphere, the whole community of the sport.’ she said. It runs in her family, although while she is a Storms fan, her father barracks for West Tigers. That passion coupled with her love of public speaking and story telling comprises of where Emma aspires to be in her career as a journalist.
When asking Remy Taylor what journalism meant to her she answered with a laugh ‘Everything, it’s a career I’ve always wanted to pursue.’ She also had connections to Win TV, having done work experience with the company in high school. ‘It was ‘a quiet week’ for their work.’ Remy recalled. ‘However I could tell at times it would be very high pressured when trying to gain the story.’ Yet this doesn’t deter the determined Remy, who has always been compelled to write. ‘It goes hand in hand with my constant curiosity for life.’
Suzie Nisbit takes journalism as it is, simply defining it as the delivery of news. ‘I know nowadays “breaking news” can be celebrity nonsense, but to me, I think that journalism is telling people the truth about what’s going on either locally, nationally or internationally.’ Suzie said. She has a vision of adhering to this definition of journalism in her future career, to bring about ‘media justice’. ‘My sister was a massive influence of mine,’ Suzie reflected, ‘she’s been a human rights activist since I can remember.’ It is for these reasons that Suzie would prefer to have a public service job doing freelance journalism in her spare time for a portfolio than give in to working for the corporations that are taking over independent media publications, and the people’s right to know the truth.
Not every journalist student is so sure about where they are aspiring to go with their future career. Zoe Simmons finds herself constantly changing her mind. ‘I want to be a lot of things’ she said, ‘an author…a rockstar…an editor and a journalist, and a screenwriter!’ she laughed. She thought that with her love for writing, ‘being a smartarse’ and an opportunity to express her humor, journalism could be the right avenue for her. She has dreams of writing for Cosmopolitan, having its appeal with the opportunity to be sarcastic in writing style and explore body image. ‘That’s my dream job, even like giving them their coffee.’ But now Zoe has started Uni, she doesn’t her where her tertiary studies will take her. ‘Uni has just opened this can of worms.’ She concluded. Even across four responses, there are different meanings of journalism obtained, as well as varying stages that students are at in discovering what it is they are aspiring to pursue in their career.
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